Content Marketing

Content Marketing

It is not enough for companies and brands to think like a publisher anymore, they need to act like one too. Content feeds the search engines; it allows them to build up a picture of relevancy for the business. Content feeds your audience it helps them understand more about you.

Good content works. Content for contents sake does not. The principles of our content marketing are simple

Right message to the right person at the right time through the right channel on the right device

Producing high quality content, at the right volume and the relevant frequency being promoted in the right way, through the right channels helps you to cut through the noise and connect with your audience.


It’s a pleasure dealing with the team. Hit Reach are patient, highly effective and very supportive towards our demands. I value their experience and knowledge, which always shows great, results. I can highly recommend Hit Reach and their excellent service.Emmeli Kimhi, Digital Manager, House Of Holland

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Content Development and Production Expertise

There are four key elements in any good content marketing strategy:

Content Planning

We create strategies that help brands drive engagement. This is only achieved by effective research and planning to ensure that the target audience has been identified, the right demographics and psychographics have been chosen, the content strategy and narrative resonate.

We have identified the most effective publishing frequency and the content calendar and campaign management structure is in place.

We have identified the right outlets and channels for the content, these are just some of the aspects of the content strategy in the planning phase to ensure meaningful long term customer engagement and delivering value from the content for your brand.


Through the planning phase we will have identified what type of messages we want to deliver and to who. Previous content published will have been evaluated to know what’s worked before, content either published by you or your competitors that your target audience have engaged with.

All of this feeds the creative team to help them understand more about delivering the

right message to the right person at the right time through the right channel on the right device.

Creative ideas are generated and shared, defined and refined to create a clear and consistent message with subtle difference depending on which channels the creative will be used. All of the creative is designed for one thing and that’s to encourage positive engagement.

Creative can take many forms in digital content from articles to images from videos to interactive content, the secret to good creative content comes from the planning, what works best for your audience.



It is essential that editorial control is in place as defined in the planning all content meets the brief. Our creative copywriting team work with you to deliver the message within all content with a clear call-to-action and words which resonate with the audience.


Content Distribution and Promotion

Creating content that engages your audience is the first step, but, that content needs to be placed in front of the audience to help them engage and to allow your audience to build.

Content promotion, content syndication, outreach, social media advertising, PPC, native advertising and more all play a part in surfacing your content to the right audience. During the planning phase we will have identified the right channels to use and how the content will be promoted, the budgets that will be required and the reach that can be achieved.

And of course with everything being measurable and trackable, then everything is reportable, knowing which content worked best.