Saturday Roundup #Blogvember

This month on the Hit Reach blog we’re taking part in a Blogvember challenge. We thought that there might be something you could have missed so below is a short roundup of all the posts we havepublished this week plus a few other posts from across the web we’ve read which we thought you might enjoy too.

Monday: 7 Outsourcing Fundamentals – James Agate shared some excellent advice on what he has learned from building a team of 180 outsource workers on oDesk. From team management advice such as respecting holidays in different countries to the actual mechanics of the hiring process.

Tuesday: Talking Patents with Bill Slawski – Patrick Hathaway sat down with patent wrangler Bill Slawski to chat about SEO, Google and what might be coming up in the near future.

Wednesday: Interview with Julie Joyce – on Wednesday I spoke to Julie Joyce about blogging, link building and a few other things. Sadly I didn’t ask Julie any music questions for her to share love of the Clash, something I’ve paid for on Twitter since.

Thursday: 101 Lessons from 5 Years of SEO – Brian “Backlinko” Dean shared 101 tips from his past five years in the SEO industry. It has a lot of good advice for new people to the industry, but also serves a great reminder for a lot of experienced SEO’s and there a few tips you might not know too.

Friday: Intentive Marketing & Understanding Audiences – David Cohen from SEER Interactive spoke to Patrick about marketing, psychology and gives some great advice we should all remember:

Understand how people value their time so that you can earn more of it.
Learn how to be an innovative craftsman.
Other posts we enjoyed:

5 Reasons Affiliate Marketers are Better Digital Marketers –Jason Brown shares his thoughts on why Affiliate Marketers have the skills many digital marketing agencies are looking for. Many affiliates have built up their skills by spending their own money, have a good grasp of delivering work with a positive ROI and often have a wide range of basic technical skills they learned to help keep their costs down.

Using Analytics to Improve Traffic Generation – in this actionable post from Jason Acidre we gather some insights in the way Jason’s team use data to make better decisions about where to develop content or spend their time in growing traffic.

Sometimes SEO is only as good as the clients you choose – when your customers are well aligned with the methods and processes your team have developed things can be great. Bill Sebald offers up some learning’s from his new consultancy.

18 Tools for CRO – as digital marketers we should be optimising the entire customer journey from acquisition to sale to retention. Paddy Moogan, via the State of Digital blog, gives us 18 tools we can use to help measure and improve conversions.

9,000 Uniques in One Day [Case Study] – Glen Allsop wrote about his Feedburner microsite in this mini Viral Marketing Case Study. It’s a good example of creating topical linkbait and building content around a popular news story/event.

24 Things you need to know before becoming a Consultant – some sage advice from Rob Woods via the Isoosi blog for people who are planning to work for themselves. There are great tips on setting clients expectations, maintaining a “normal” work routine, pricing and trusting your gut.

What does the Hummingbird Say? – AJ Kohn gives his thoughts on the latest Google Hummingbird updates, as Google move from strings to things. “Understanding the meaning of the query might be more important than the specific words used in the query.”

The Secret to Finding Money Making Niches – Lewis Ogden wrote a great guest post about his methods for uncovering niches that have great opportunities and runs through his process by analysing some winners.


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