Which WordPress Plugins do Pro-Bloggers Recommend?


17 thoughts on “Which WordPress Plugins do Pro-Bloggers Recommend?

  1. I am always having fights with social sharing buttons on WP. 1st party buttons can be a pain in the ass and plugins seem to offer little control.

    Does anyone know a good solution for social sharing that allows you to really customize the tweets, open graph tags etc for INDIVIDUAL posts?


  2. Hey Chris,

    Very well done! I skimmed through the whole article and noted a few plugins that I might give a shot in the nearest time.

    And I think it’s really the time to get rid of my Disqus comments and use that redirect plugin (I wonder if I’ll get redirected after posting this lol).

    In any case – thanks a lot!!!!

  3. I recommend everyone to use,

    Yoast or all-in-one SEO for better on-page optimization, and when it comes to secure our blog, my choice always goes to better WP security and limit log-in attempts.

    I use flare for social sharing and its one of the top plug-ins I ever used. There is a plenty of ways we can configure it according our benefits.

    For spam protection GASP is a good one.

    Also I highly recommend comluv, thank me later and many more I cannot remember now.


  4. Benchmark Email has a new easy to use plugin called Benchmark Email Lite that combines your WordPress site with the traffic-generating benefits of email marketing. You can install an email sign-up form onto any page (it actually scans the colors of your page and adjusts itself so that it blends seamlessly into your theme), track down analytics, and even send email-friendly version of your blogs posts straight into your readers’ inboxes. And all straight off your WordPress dashboard.

    Definitely a two-in-one program that will save your time, let you exercise your creative, and increase engagement with your followers 🙂

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