Interview with Link Building Expert Julie Joyce


5 thoughts on “Interview with Link Building Expert Julie Joyce

  1. The week for a link has nothing to do with not using scrapers…it has to do with negotiations. It’s also not the norm. For us, the main thing is that we all like the way things are done. If we find a site that might be a good fit for a client, we analyze it and figure out a plan before we waste anyone’e time. We don’t generally send emails to anyone without having vetted the site.

  2. Hi Julie, hi Chris,

    thank you for this inspiring discussion!

    There’s lots of very important stuff mentioned in terms link building, but what I’d like to comment on is Julie’s approach to splitting your writing efforts between her own blog and contributing elsewhere as a guest writer.

    I personally like the concept of guest blogging in its true sense, when you reach out to sites that matter, sharing stuff that makes sense. Some people would argue that if you can create value, you should make your own blog an authority source, and there’s no point in giving away your content. But if you go big, writing for SEL and SEW, there is clearly a point!


  3. Hi Julie,
    First of all thanks a lot for sharing your expertise here.
    I’d have to agree that Guest posting is not going away any sooner. It’d be too difficult for Google to identify whether the post is paid link or a guest post. The lines are often blurry.

    Moreover, doing a guest post on a high quality blogs like SEL, SEW (like you mentioned in the comment) is definitely helpful.

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