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The first full week of Blogvember went swimmingly well, so thanks to everyone for dropping by, commenting and sharing. We’ve got a dynamite start to this week as well, as we are joined by none other than Jason Acidre - the Co-founder and CEO of Xight Interactive, a Philippine-based online marketing agency. He’s also the author of Kaiserthesage, an online marketing blog. You can follow him on Twitter @jasonacidre.

The social graph has played a big part in the rise of personalized search. It’s certainly undeniable that the use of social signals is here for the long-haul.

Social media clearly changed a lot of things in the online marketing landscape over the past decade, particularly when it comes to perceptions and best practices.

Aside from being a platform that helps brands get discovered over the web these days, social has also began to directly impact websites’ ability to rank better on search results today.

Search is using social data (alongside other types of content analysis) to determine which brands are trustworthy, authoritative and in demand, making different social media marketing strategies vital in holistic marketing campaigns.

So in this post, I’ll be sharing a few tips on how you increase the social shares on your website, to improve your site’s traffic generation, branding, as well as its search ranking ability.

Get more followers

about pageBuilding a strong following base (on social networks where your target audiences are) is the best first step to get a ton of social shares for your site’s content.

And the best way to grow your followers on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ is through integrating social campaigns with continuous content marketing.

Because the more you put out great content on a regular basis (on your site or on other popular blogs in your space), the more people will have reasons to follow you, converse with you and/or build a relationship with your brand.

Make it easy for your visitors to follow you or share your content – by making the social buttons very visible on key pages of your site.

Build relationships and alliances

RelationshipI won’t stress the importance of relationship building in this post, because I’m sure that you already know this one.

It’s very important to have peers who you can help and help you out too in scaling your content promotion efforts.

This approach is a win/win for both parties, as both can get to absorb each side’s networks/followers in the long run.

Connect with those who share the same principles as yours, and probably those who’ll truly benefit from your help too.

Invest on becoming unique

Uniqueness is the key element that allows a brand to stand out and to separate itself from its competitors.

Your unique selling point basically helps shape your brand identity, especially when you’re in a very competitive industry.

People tend to share things that are infrequent in their space. So start creating something unique or something that’s really hard to build (and replicate).

Creativity is a powerful weapon in today’s marketing age, but always remember that your content should also reflect what the brand really wants to communicate.

Create content targeted to certain social platforms

Don’t forget that there are also other social networks existing out there aside from Google+, Facebook and Twitter – where your audience could be in. There’s also Pinterest, Youtube, Slideshare, Linkedin and many more!

Create or transform your text-based content in different formats, like turning them into slide presentations, visual content (infographic, instructographic, memes, inspirational image quotes, etc…) and videos.

Publish them where it’s appropriate and start building your following base on these other networks as well. Cross promote these content assets through the social networks where you already have a strong following to improve content visibility (and to also increase the likelihood of getting visitors to follow you on your other social profiles).

Ego baiting (influencer outreach)

Get your ideas validated by experts in your industry, by asking about their opinions on the topic(s) you’re writing about, and by also including their ideas on the final output of your own original content.

This increases the chances of getting influencers in your field share your content (which means more visibility for it) – aside from the fact that you’ve mentioned and link out to them.

The approach also solidifies the outcome of your content, as they’re backed by experts, which is another reason for it to be really shareable.

Don’t be afraid to reach out

reach out

If you truly believe that your content is valuable, then directly promoting it to people who’re really interested about the subject of your content is very reasonable.

Find the people who have shared your competitors’ content covering the same topic (you can use to build a list) – because these are the people who’ll most likely share your content too.

For a more extensive guide on this approach, you can check out my older post on linker/social outreach.

Organizing events on social networks

Another great way, not just to increase your followers on social networks, but also to send more social signals down towards your site – is to organize different kinds of online events where your brand can interact with other users.

Some of the most common events that you can make use of for your social campaigns are:

  • Google+ Hangouts

  • Twitter chats or Q&As (like #SEOChat)

  • Q&A sessions on your Facebook fanpage or Google+ business page

  • Social contests

This is also a good strategy to use in nurturing and engaging with your already existing community/audience.

Incentivize social sharing

If you’re offering free-to-access, but exclusive content (such as whitepapers/PDFs, free tools, newsletters, etc…), then using social payment systems might be a good option to generate more social signals to your website.

Here are 2 popular social payment systems that you can try:

Expert group interviews (crowdsourcing)

web gnomesThis method has proven itself to be very effective since the dawn of social media. Getting experts’ views and putting them together in a single content is a surefire way to get people’s attention.

2 reasons why:

  • That content has so much value to offer, given it provides ideas straight from the experts – which makes it sticky and shareable in nature.

  • The participants (the experts) will most likely share the content, which can help spread it fast.

The best thing about this method is that you’re also able to build rapport with the experts you’ve interviewed. And that’s something that can really help you amplify your branding efforts.

Getting more eyeballs to your content

SEOMOZThe cycle of social sharing and how content spreads fast over the web is so simple to understand. When someone shares a content, chances are, people are going to find it. And when people find it remarkable, they’ll just get more people to it (through sharing).

So basically, it comes down to getting more eyeballs to your share-worthy content. There are so many ways to get your content discovered by your target audience, and here are some of them:

  • Connect with blogs who do weekly roundup posts. Since as long as your content will be useful to their audience, then requesting for your content to be included on their weekly roundups won’t be any issue.

  • Get featured on others’ newsletter series. This is far easier when you’re already acquainted with them (and when your content is really worth promoting). Another option is to pay for the link placement.

  • Use paid social ads from Facebook or Stumbleupon’s paid discovery to push your content to targeted users.

  • Optimize your content for search to ensure that it will constantly generate highly targeted traffic.

  • Promote your content on online communities where most of your target audiences are in, such as from relevant forum threads, blog discussions and social network groups. Luckily, we have in our industry.

Why Social Signals is far more important now than before?

Danny Sullivan somehow spilled why in this video:

For questions, I would love to see them below on the comments section.

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11 thoughts on “Getting More Social Shares to Your Website by Jason Acidre

  1. Thanks so much for the contribution Jason.

    I’ve started using Social Locker on a couple of niche sites to unlock extra content and it really is helping gain initial traction.

    Another one I’ve been using for social traffic is quizzes which allow people to share their score at the end on Twitter/FB.

  2. Thanks for making me part of Blogvember Chris! It’s an honor.

    Damn, haven’t thought of including quizzes on this post, I’m definitely a big believer of that approach for social campaigns – as it easily attracts people to sharing their results on FB/Twitter.

    Good tip man!

    PS: will check out Social Locker too.

  3. Excellent post and that final video with Danny Sullivan captures exactly where we and Google now stand. Matt Cutts should switch the focus of his team and validate social signals. We all would benefit.

  4. Yeah that social locker kicked some serious ass on my Scrapebox guide. Made perfect sense to use it with the footprints and all.

    I noticed Woodward using it on every single post now lol. Right above the fold, download a PDF version of this post with the unlock.

    Personally I think it’s annoying unless it’s something super juicy, like a massive list of footprints and other goodies 😉

    But the numbers are obvious, and I’m tempted to start embedding some sort of downloadable material in every post I write as well. Guaranteed adding some stupid little resource to my posts and social share counts would improve substantially.

    But in the grander scheme of things are those shares actually worth much?

    Sure they increase the count and it looks nice, makes me feel nice too. But are big influencers going to share content because of a social unlock? Probably not. Regardless they’re better shares than any fiverr gig you’ll find, so as Google continues to suck that social D, social unlocks could become a more powerful and easy to implement weapon.

    1. You probably won’t get many “influencers”…

      But for quizzes I have a “fan site” for a music group, which means every time some tweenager completes a quiz they FB or Tweet their score which in turn sends a small trickle of tweenagers to the page.

      It’s not record breaking traffic numbers but it means I’m not reliant on the Google for 80% of traffic to the site.

  5. Hey Jason,

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful article. I manage the Social Media for Cybage a pioneer in IT services industry.

    The information shared here is of great importance to me specially the Pay with a Tweet understanding.

    Please do not hesitate to directly share with me any such articles you write about.


  6. So instead of finding blogs who allow to guest posts and follow links, one should spend time to prepare content.. quality, awesome & amazing content and share it on social media platform……..? Pretty confusing. Though nice post

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