Which WordPress Plugins do Pro-Bloggers Recommend?

There are currently over 29,000 plugins available for you to download on the WordPress Plugin directory, and when you think of the vast numbers of paid plugins or custom plugins too it soon adds up to a lot of information for new bloggers to take in. As you can imagine there are hundreds if not…

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Introducing The Website Penalty Indicator

If you’re anything like us, whilst talking to new or prospective clients, you check their site out using a few tools so you can get a quick overview of their current situation. This can help quickly qualify the customer and allow you to offer some immediate insight into what sort of services they may require….

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The Ultimate Guide on Finding FREE Images for Your Blog

Today on the blog we have a guest article from Amanda DiSilvestro who is the Online Content Editor and Writer at Higher Visibility SEO Consulting Services, don’t forget to follow her on Twitter @ADiSilvestro and Google+. You have surely heard the spiel before: Don’t just steal images off of Google images and then use them on your blog because…

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The Porn Viewing Habits of Scots

Pornhub the worlds largest porn site and one of the top 100 most trafficed sites in the world have released data insights on their UK audience. As we like exploring data and looking for interesting facts we decided to take a “Deeper dive” into the viewing habits of our native Scotland. Who Spends the Longest…

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