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WP Twitter Cards

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WP Twitter Cards lets you easily add meta data to your whole site.

WP Twitter Cards adds an additional meta box to the post and page editing screen for you to enter Twitter card meta values for that post or page.

When a link to the site is tweeted Twitter will create a card with the title, description and url along with any multi-media that you have specified.


Once you have entered your Twitter username into the settings page you may also add a default title, description and image. These can all be overwritten on a per page / post basis.

Each post / page will have its own meta box for entering title, description, image card type etc. If you leave these blank the default settings will be used in their place.

Categories card data is generated from the category name and description.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I get more information on Twitter cards?

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  1. rob haskell says:

    I’ve installed this on two separate sites and each time the meta data did not appear immediately. it took saving and re saving all the options a bunch of time for them to appear. After that it works fine. You probably have a lot of people thinking that this doesn’t work at all.

    • grant@HitReach says:

      Hi Rob. I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the plugin. I just tried it on a fresh WordPress install and couldn’t recreate your error, is there any further information that you could supply to help to recreate this error? Did you install any other plugins? What version of WordPress are you running? And anything else you can think of would be great.

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