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WordPress Plugins

Our web developers are continually building and releasing new plugins, whilst at the same time refining and updating our existing WordPress plugins.

We normally produce web design, search engine optimisation and web development related extensions.

As we generally lean towards the Genesis framework for our own custom WordPress themes we also actively help support and enhance it although we have no connection or affiliation with Studio Press who developed and maintain it.

Below is a list of our existing plugins available for download and a list currently under development. If you would like to hire us to develop a WordPress Plugin for you please get in touch.

Available WordPress plugins

  1. Allow PHP in Posts & Pages
    enables you to use php scripts within WordPress posts and pages
  2. Pure HTML
    Allows you to add html tags normally removed by the editor in a BBCode syntax
  3. Simple Breaks
    Adds additional buttons onto the editor for adding breaks into your content, useful for overcoming odd formatting issues
  4. Open Graph Protocol in Posts and Pages
    Add Open Graph Protocol meta tags into your pages
  5. JQuery Expanding Box
    A simple animated dropdown box for showing and hiding content
  6. WP Twitter Cards
    Instantly add Twitter Card integration to your posts and pages

Plugins offer a great way to extend the functionality of your WordPress website, without having to spend a significant amount of time or money developing a solution from scratch. You simply install the plugin and activate it through your plugins menu, and your new features become live instantly.

Plugins need to be kept up to date continuously, so that they still work with the latest release of WordPress - so it is vital that your plugins come from a recognised source. At Hit Reach we spend a lot of time and effort making sure that our plugins stay up to date, and helping out our user base (around 250,000 at the last count) by responding to comments or queries.