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Google Penalty Recovery Service

Have you lost traffic, have you seen your rankings drop significantly, have you received an unnatural links notification?

In the last couple of years Google have taken a much harder stance on websites that might have carried out higher risk link building tactics at some point in their past. Some of the SEO tactics that worked very well in 2010 are now extremely high risk and can cause a lot of issues for online businesses today.

If you have seen a loss in traffic and rankings then that can have a profound impact not only on the visibility of your business but more importantly on your revenue.

We have a 100% record in cleaning up manual actions for Unnatural Links and work discreetly and professionally to remove any links which may be harming the ability to rank your website.

We specialise in:

Traffic Drop Audits

Unnatural Link Penalty Recovery

Google Penguin Recovery and Link Removal

Why should you hire us?

It can be a difficult and worrying time but we are here to help and give you the advice and support you need to give your website the best chances of recovery.

  1. We manually audit and classify each and every one of your links
  2. We never send threatening or abusive emails asking for links to be removed
  3. We know exactly how to format the relevant documents e.g. disavow.txt
  4. We will provide extensive documentation and evidence of work carried out
  5. We will make every effort to maintain as many good links as possible
  6. We have built up an extensive database of low quality websites that could be affecting you

Organic Traffic Drop Audit

If you have seen a significant change in your organic traffic but are unsure as to the cause of this you should book your site in for one of our site audits.

Not only will we check the technical issues that might be affecting your site, but we will check your link profile and also look at your competitor’s current marketing tactics to see if they have been carrying out work to out rank you.

Unnatural Link Penalty Recovery Service

Perhaps you have seen one of these messages in your Google Webmaster Tools account.

Webmaster Tools Message

At Hit Reach we have a 100% record of removing Google Unnatural Link penalties for our clients. In the past couple of years we have successfully helped dozens of website owners in having their Unnatural Link manual action revoked and some have seen a significant ranking improvement within a short time of us completing the work.

You can be confident in the fact that we are experienced SEO professionals and we make every effort to ensure that you keep as many of your existing good links as possible so that you can recover.

When you come to us for Google penalty work, we will initially do a link penalty audit. Whether you have a partial manual action or sitewide manual action we will work as quickly and discreetly as possible.

We will manually visit and assess each link to your site. There are a large range of link analysis tools on the market but we strongly believe that an experienced set of eyes is the best SEO tool there is.

Our Process

  1. Conduct an in-depth manual audit of all links
  2. Classify all links and cross check with our databases
  3. Find the contact information for all sites we classify as harmful
  4. Contact the webmasters individually asking politely for link removals
  5. Keep extensive notes and screenshots in a Google Doc for evidence of work completed
  6. Format the Disavow.txt file correctly with annotations
  7. Submit correctly formatted reconsideration request to Google with supporting evidence

It can take a couple of attempts at submitting a reconsideration request before Google will be satisfied that you have taken every step necessary to remedy the situation.

On occasions we have managed to get several unnatural link warnings revoked for our clients with only 1 reconsideration request, after doing a significant amount of work for the first request and simply showing the scale of work we have done.

If you want to see one of these in your inbox in the next few weeks…


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Google Penguin Recovery Service

Did your website see a significant drop in organic search traffic around these dates?


  • 24th April 2012
  • 25th May 2012
  • 5th October 2012
  • 22nd May 2013
  • 4th October 2013 

If so then you may have been affected by one of Google’s Penguin updates.

Google’s Penguin update largely impacted websites with too many unnatural links, specifically websites that had very high numbers of links with commercial anchor text. But Google have admitted that some on site factors affected these websites too.

We offer Penguin Recovery Assistance to a small number of clients each month, if you want our help in finding out what links are hurting your site and someone to help clean them up then get in touch with us today by completing the contact form at the bottom of the page.

We will audit your link profile and assist with contacting webmasters to remove links – we will also help by creating a disavow.txt file to help Google know which links you do not want to be associated with.