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We have recently designed and built a ecommerce platform for online tyre merchant required a redesign and update of their website as part of their relaunch. The site is now complete to it’s phase one specification.

We included a postcode look up feature in the search, and with that information the site will give the user a set number of local fitters (if fitting is chosen) which they can choose to book into. Along with the information for each fitter, the top of the page holds a map with showing these fitters as a visual aid using Google Maps API. There is also a show more fitters options to expand the results.

A big change the client wanted to include was a payment gateway that would mean they could take payments on the site with out having to redirect the user to a different sight or using inFrame integration. After discussing with the client, we used Direct Integration from SagePay for this as it gave client exactly what they wanted.

As part of the brief, we knew that we would need to make a system that would allow our client to be able to upload 1000’s of tyres from multiple supplies frequently and,if required, update any of the 100’s of fitters found on the site. Firstly we needed to agree what information we needed and ensure that all information was presented in the same format across the multiple Excel spreedsheets. Knowing what information we needed to collect, we created separate uploading systems that mean our client can upload a new sheet, and delete it’s preceding sheet (chosen from a dated list.)

Our client also need to have access to the order history, built into the CMS. The Order Management section enables them to search through orders in multiple way, alter the order cut off times and input holiday dates into the ordering system.

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Roger Green

Hit Reach got it absolutely right. They embraced the challenge and complexity of the site, and exceeded expectation with quick response times and great service.

Roger Green

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