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How to Make Windows Live Mail the Ultimate Gmail IMAP Client

Below are step by step instructions on how to setup Windows Live Mail to be the ultimate Gmail IMAP client.

There are 15 steps in total and shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to complete.

Using these settings in Windows Live Mail (WLM) will give you an amazing IMAP configuration that’s fast, reliable and easy to use.

If you are currently unsure which client you want to use then check out this post on why Windows Live Mail (WLM) is the best IMAP client to use with Gmail.

Windows live mail is free and can be downloaded here.

Once you have installed the programme and run it for the first time work through this setup list in order:

Step 1. In the top right corner of the application you will see an icon of a small arrow on a white and blue drop down menu. Click it and then select the bottom option, ‘Show Menu Bar’


Step 2. In the top menu click View > Layout. A nice view to work with is:

Reading Pane: Show the reading pane; to the right of the message list
Message List: One-Line view
Folder Pane: Only check the Use Companct Shortcuts option
Message header (Mail): Check the show message header box


Click Apply then OK.

Step 3. In the top menu click Tools > Options. Now work through the various tabs:

General & Read
All of the options here are just down to your own preferences and won’t effect your IMAP experience.

Under the ‘Returning Read Receipts’ section, check ‘Never send a read receipt’.

MAKE SURE you UNCHECK the ‘Save copy of sent messages in the’ Sent Items’ folder’. Gmail automatically saves a copy of sent mail anyway meaning you end up with 2 copies if you leave this checked.

Click Font Settings and pick your font, font style and font size of choice.

If you would like to use a signature then click New and then click Rename then enter a name for your signature. Check the ‘add signatures to all outgoing messages’ box at the top and leave the ‘Don’t add signatures to Replies and Forwards’ checked.

Either enter some text for your signature or check the File button and the browse your local machine and select your signature file if you have prepared one.

Choose your language and click ‘Set Default’

Connection & Advanced
The default settings are fine on both

Step 4. Now we need to configure Gmail. Login to your Gmail account online.

Once you are logged in go to Settings > Labs and then click enable beside Advanced IMAP Controls.


Step 5. Now jump to the ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP’ tab.

Alongside IMAP Access click the enable IMAP option.


Step 6. Jump to the ‘Labels’ tab.

In the System labels section make sure the following boxes are unchecked: All Mail, Spam and Trash.


Step 7. Now you can set up your account in WLM. Go to Tools > Accounts > Add.

On the next screen choose Email Account.

Step 8. Enter your email address, password and display name and then check the manually configure box.


Step 9. Select IMAP as your incoming server, type into the incoming server box and then check ‘This server requires a secure conneciton’ box.

The incoming port should default to 993. If it doesn’t then set this manually.

Log on using clear authentication. Your Login ID is your full email address rather than just the part before the @ which will appear by default in the box.

Enter into the outgoing server box and check both boxes underneath; ‘This server requires a secure conneciton’ and ‘My outgoing server requires authentication’.

Now change the outgoing port to 587. Click Next


Step 10. You will get a message saying you have successfully entered your account information and you will see your new account in the accouns window. Click Close

Step 11. Your IMAP folder list will be automatically downloaded and you will see them appear in the Show/Hide IMAP Folders window which appears. Click OK.#

Step 12. Right click on your account name which will have appeared in the left hand side of the screen and then choose properties from the menu. If you prefer you can access the same details by going to Tools > Accounts > Select the account you created > Click Properties.

Click on the IMAP tab at the very right and enter the following information:

The root folder path is: [Gmail] including the square brackets
Check the box for ‘Check for new messages in all folders’
Check the box for ‘Store special folders on IMAP server’
The Sent Items path is: Sent Mail
The Drafts path is: Drafts
The Deleted Items path is: Deleted Items
The Junk Path is: Spam

Click Apply and then OK.


Step 13. You will see a message telling you that your account has changed and would you like to update the folders list. Click yes.

Step 14. You will now see your Gmail ‘labels’ listed underneath your account on the left hand side without being contained in a [Gmail] drop down menu. If for any reason your list of labels  is not as you expected it to be then right click on your account name on the left of the screen, choose IMAP Folders and then click the Reset List button in the window which appears.


Step 15. If you want to add additional columns into the message pane area, such as email size which doesn’t appear in the default column view then simply right click on the columns bar and choose Columns from the menu which appears.

You can then decide which columns you want to keep or appear by checking and unchecking the relevant boxes and rearrange the order using the move up and down buttons.


And you’re done!

When you first go into your deleted items or sent mail folders there will be a lot of mail to download if you’ve been using your account for a while. WLM will only download the message headers for you though and not the attachements so it won’t take long.

If you want to add new folders for storing and organising your mail then just right click on your account name on the left of the screen and choose New Folder from the menu which appears.

Enter a name for your new folder and click ok. You might need to update your folder list to force the new folder to appear. The effect this will have in your actual gmail account will be to create a new label and any mail you place into that folder on your client will be tagged with that label in your Gmail account.

Adding a flag to a message in Windows Live Mail will add a star to it in your gmail account.

How do you find Windows Live Mail compared to Thunderbird and Outlook?


  1. Thanks for a very helpful post. However I am still finding Gmail IMAP very slow with WLM.

    Have you any other suggestions for making it load faster.

    I have other IMASP accounts and they load in seconds while Gmail takes minutes.


  2. Hi…

    Thanks for the guide. I have a question. Everything worked till Step 11. I saw all the “labels” of Gmail displayed as folders on the left-hand side. Then I did Step 12. This resulted in all the folders disappearing. I followed this up with Steps 13 and 14, but the folders don’t appear anymore. What fo I do? Should I just delete the account and try again?


    • Hi, Make sure that for whatever reason you didn’t change your account to be UK (or some other country) rather than US. If you set your account to be US it uses [Gmail] as the root folder but for instance if you make your account UK it changes it to [GoogleMail] but other features also turn off and you are not priveleged to pre release trials unless you use the US setting which is why I use it. If that isn’t the issue just try a full folder refresh and if you still get nothing it would probably be quicker to just recreate the account than waste time investigating what went wrong.

    • Sudhir Govilkar says:

      Do the following:
      1. Keep the Root folder path = blank
      2. Check for new mesaages in all folders = Tick to Enable
      3. Store Special folders on IMAP server = Untick to Disable
      4. Reset IMAP folders i.e refresh
      5. If additional folders appear on left pane other than Gmail’s default folders and it’s labels, simply detele them by right clicking on folders (You will get IMAP server disconnected message, Just click OK)
      6. Repeat step no. 4.


  3. Hi Chris…

    Thanks. I am neither in the US nor in the UK. I am in India at the moment.

    Yeah, I’ll probably recreate the account. In the meantime, if you have any insights, I’ll appreciate your sending them my way.


  4. Also, where do you configure the country?


  5. Thanks. It was already chosen as English (US). I deleted and redid the account creation twice. Did not work. I think th eporblem starts at Stage 12 because prior to that stage I can see all the labels (as folders). Anyways, I have have asked a few folks who may know and if there is a fix, I’ll let you know.


  6. Great info. Thanks!

    I was also sick and tired of the slowness of all the good IMAP clients out there.

    I’m really happy with the speed of this. I will use it for a couple of weeks and if I like it, I will also configure my work account using WLM.

  7. Hi Chris!

    Thanks for your clear instructions!
    I have the problem that all my sent mails appear 2 times in my “Sent Mail” folder now.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    • Go to Tools > Options > Send and then uncheck the box at the top that saves a copy of sent mail in your Sent Items. Gmail adds a copy in anyway so by selecting that option you are creating a duplicate. Enjoy :)

  8. Hi Chris, great post, very helpful thanks! I don’t know why, but my inbox always changes to “Inbox (3)” during sync and then it reverts back to just “Inbox” again (if there are no new emails). It happens every time I press sync and there are always 3 emails that never appear. I just wondered if this was a common problem or if there is a way to stop it?


    • Chris Gilchrist says:

      Hi Rich, Not sure of how to solve that specific issue but it sounds like you’re not using the 2011 version so I would upgrade and see if that solves the problem.

      • Hi Chris, thanks for your reply. I’ve since solved the problem: it was some old chat messages on Gmail I hadn’t read. I use Gmail (and chat) with a client, so didn’t know about them. If anyone else has this problem simply log into gmail and search “is:unread”. It should bring up the “lost” messages that never appear in live. Then read them and the problem will disappear.

  9. Having same problem as “manav” stated above.
    In step 12 I have to leave the Root Folder blank.

    • Pablo Ambram says:

      Hi Danny,
      just wondering if you had any luck making the labels reappear. Same thing happened to me!


  10. Thomas John Bender says:

    I am attempting to migrate some emails from WLM to Gmail. In the menu for WLM, a given message will have normally appearing sender and subject information. However, when the message arrives via IMAP to the Gmail account, it will often say (unknown sender), have missing recipient information, and sometimes the subject heading will be wiped out too. Any ideas why this might be?

    • Chris Gilchrist says:

      Hi Thomas, Sorry I don’t really undestand what you are trying to do or what you mean. WLM just displays the emails held in the Gmail account and IMAP syncs the 2 together. You seem to be talking about doing something the other way round. Good luck with it :)

  11. what about calendars and contacts?

    can this be uesed as the conduit to sych the windows phone to email, calendars and contacts?

  12. Hi, Chris. Thanks for these tips! Really looking forward to using WLM as it seems pretty nice so far. One issue I wanted to get your thoughts on… Are the steps above supposed to result in the creation of the following two labels?

    [Gmail]/Deleted Items

  13. Also, Chris, what are your thoughts on how to “Archive” a message rather than “Trash” it using this setup? Actually, it seems like, technically, we are just archiving messages using this setup since it sends “deleted” messages to the “Deleted Items” label and it’s retained in “All Mail”… So maybe my question is the opposite: how do you truly delete a message (i.e., sending it to the “Trash” folder in Gmail)?

  14. Chris Gilchrist says:

    Hi Johnny,

    Yes it will make those folders (or labels). If you login to your Google Mail account online and go to settings and then labels you can just get rid of the [Gmail]/Spam one.

    The Deleted Items one you do want to keep so when you press the ‘delete’ key in WLM it’s where it ends up. You could if you wanted just send all deleted items to the real Trash folder but then it gets deleted every 30 days and I like a full history of mine to be available for future reference.

    To address your second question, yes we are archiving the mail because a copy does get kept in All Mail even though we’ve given it the Deleted Items label.

    Again in online settings in labels, click the checkbox alongside Trash that says ‘Show in IMAP’ and then download all folders again in WLM. You will now see a trash folder and any mail you don’t want to archive just throw it in there and it will get deleted after 30 days.

    I often put emails with large attachments in there I know I won’t need to reference in the future in order to reduce the online storage.

    There’s an easy way to archive old mail on your local machine too to free up space using WLM (which doesn’t work in Outlook) and i’ll do a post on that in the next few days.

  15. Ronald Mcdonald says:

    Hi….I’m trying to set up WLM to download all my gmail mail (INBOX & SENT) from my gmail acct on my new laptop….want to know using which one is better….POP or IMAP? Previously when using old laptop i using POP method and it work fine and FAST. However i heard someone told me using IMAP is much better so i did try it last few days…however i found it very slow (example: when i try to click that mail to read the content….it appear very slow…sometimes have to wait at least 1 or 2mins or more to see whole content of that mail…samething when sending out email….have to wait for a while to get that mail sent out. Is this normal? …I’ve at around 30k mail on INBOX & 25k mail on SENT MAIL. So which one is better….POP or IMAP? Any advice or help please !!

    Thanks in advance.

    • Chris Gilchrist says:

      Hi Ron, even on a slowish connection IMAP will work fine. It is slower than POP as it’s syncing with the server in 2 directions rather than just downloading single emails. Make sure you don’t have the All Mail box synced to your laptop as per the guide on this post. Also if you previously left mail on the server after you downloaded it rather than emails being deleted after they were downloaded you might have 100s/1000s mails on the server which will all need to sync with your machine initially. If you are trying to do anything while this is happening it will be very slow so make sure you let them all download first before doing any speed checks.

  16. Thank you Chris, this is by far the best “bible” for setting up Gmail accounts in Windows Live Mail I have come across. I think Windows Live Mail 2011 is an awesome e-mail program and if you follow this guide, it plays very well with Gmail.

    But…there is an achilles heel issue if you want to add a non-Gmail account to WLM, such as Microsoft’s own Hotmail. I skimmed over the comments and the article again and didn’t see it addressed: If you uncheck the “save copy of sent messages in the ‘Sent Items’ folder” under the Send tab of Options/Mail, guess what – your Hotmail sent mail will NOT be saved. In fact, I don’t know where it goes, it won’t appear in the Sent folder of the Hotmail web/browser application either. Major bummer!

    Obviously, if you enable that setting in WLM, you’ll end up with the Gmail duplicate sent mail as pointed out, don’t need that! So, is there a way around this, to have our Gmail and Hotmail “sent mail” cake in WLM and eat it too?

    If not, perhaps you should revise the title to state “…Ultimate Gmail-Only IMAP Client”?

    Thanks again for an otherwise excellent article!

  17. Hi Chris, this is a great resource. I am, however, still having the following issue with my Gmail account and WLM account (which are synced and otherwise working properly):

    When I log into my Gmail account and send an email from it, the sent email shows up in my Gmail account, but never shows up in Windows Live Mail. This is very annoying, as I sometimes send emails from my Gmail account and this causes inconsistencies between the information available in my Gmail email WLM accounts.

    Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

    • Chris Gilchrist says:

      Hi Steve, do the other folders all sync? (deleted items, drafts etc). What is the exact text you have in the Properties > IMAP > Special Folders path for sent items? Check it’s Sent Mail. The store special folders checkbox is ticked? You have [Gmail] in the root folder path?

      Also before you reply log into your gmail account and go to settings. Is your language set to US?


  18. David Buskirk says:

    Chris, Wish I had found this blog before I set up WLM!! I did get it done and have used and loved it for several months now. However as I went through your checklist I found that my Deleted messages were going to Trash. I also want to maintain them over time. I went to Properties/Imap and I can see that deleted messages are set to go into Trash, but I can’t change the target folder because it is greyed out. Any suggestions where I can get to this and make the change?

    Thanks, keepup the good work.


    • Chris Gilchrist says:

      Hi Dave, if you uncheck the ‘store special folders on IMAP server’ then click apply, then go back into Properties and check it again you should now be able to edit them. Let me know if this doesn’t work. It doesn’t always grey out so I’m not sure of the cause when it happens.

  19. David Buskirk says:

    Thanks Chris. Turning it off, exiting and then turning it back on worked like a charm.


  20. David Buskirk says:

    Ooops, I spoke too soon. I was able to edit the store folder and as I backed out it ask if I wanted to refresh folders and I said yes. But when I did a check to confirm it had worked, the deleted message again went back to Trash. I then went back to Properties and and looked at the Delete store folder it was back to trash — as though I hadn’t not made a change. I did note in Properties that niether of my accounts have a Root Folder Path if that would make a difference.

    • Chris Gilchrist says:

      As per step 12 you should have a root folder set so you don’t see [Gmail] in your folder structure on the left of WLM. It shouldn’t stop the special folders from working though but try it just to rule it out. If that doesn’t work try what I suggested before again. If that doesn’t work let me know and I’ll fix it remotely for you if you want.

  21. Joel Bonzon says:

    Hi Chris,

    I tried your guide and it was great help. But I, too, encountered most of my IMAP folders disappearing when doing the first sync. I tried reset list and recreating the account. But consistently, after Step 13, most IMAP folders disappear. For the benefit of those reading this in 2011, the “Advanced IMAP controls” is now built-in to Gmail.


  22. Joel Bonzon says:

    Hi Chris,

    I think I found what’s wrong. Some IMAP folders/labels are under my Inbox. Something that probably happened when we migrated from Exchange to Gmail. So when I put [Gmail] as the root folder, then they don’ show. Only the system labels appear.

  23. Chris Gilchrist says:

    Hi Joel, You can still have folders within your inbox and they show up even with a root folder. They show up as INBOX/labelname online and as a subfolder within WLM. Maybe check they are in that format online then you should be ok!

  24. Joel Bonzon says:

    Thank Chris! They are exactly how you mentioned they would. Sent Mail and Drafts also go into the system labels or folders under Gmail when I left the root folder blank (Step 12). Just a little bit of getting used to this and I am good.

    Appreciate all the help. I’ll be sharing this blog.


  25. Chris Gilchrist says:

    Hi everyone, I have made a new post that you might be intestered in which addresses How to Back Up Your Emails and Free Up Gmail Space using Windows Live Mail

    If you found it helpful let me know in the comments on the other post!

  26. Adrian Wood says:

    I have non-gmail accounts as well, so needed to check the box to save sent e-mail in sent items. I wonder if WLM or GMAIL IMAP has been updated, because I don’t get a problem with duplicate sent items for GMAIL and my normal sent items are working correctly too. (I’m a UK user and the root is “[Google Mail]” if that makes a difference.

    Also presumably the advanced IMAP is no longer experimental – because I get all the features without having to change the setting in Labs – in fact that setting isn’t there.

    I want to be able to see All Mail for search purposes – so have not switched that off. Again, I get an impression the performance issues must have been improved because I’ve encountered no problems at all with All Mail switched on – though I only have 3000 e-mails in there.

    Basically I’m wondering if some of the suggestions above are no longer necessary having been superceded by improvements made by Microsoft and / or Google.

    Not sure why the suggestion to turn off Deleted Emails (call Bin in my version of Gmail) and Spam. I have both switched on so amd then can choose to delete (“bin”) or archive emails, and can view my Spam folder to check for mail that should not be in there without logging on via a browser.

    • Chris Gilchrist says:

      1. No it’s not been updated you either get duplicates in Gmail or no sent mail in your normal accounts if you check the box
      2. Correct IMAP was a Lab experiment but now it’s just built is standard but just disabled initially
      3. All mail might be an issue as you get more emails but also when you’re on a slower connection and haven’t updated recently like on a laptop then go to check your mail and it starts downloading 100’s or 1000’s
      4. Gmail spam is very good and doesn’t often make mistakes so most people won’t need it enabled as it reduces performace.
      5. Deleted Items is not the same as Bin for you, Trash is. Trash is only used for permanently deleted mails, not ones labeled as Deleted Items and once you move something to Trash/Bin for permanent deletion it’s unlikely you’ll need to access them again hence why they are turned off too.

  27. Chris, thanks for this fabulous service. I have recently set up Gmail with WLM and am still having problems syncing my own “special” folders in WLM with the same “special” labels I have set up in Gmail. I am also having problems seeing copies of sent mail in WLM. Any tips would be helpful and very well received.

    • Chris Gilchrist says:

      Hi Annie, if you right click on your account and go to properties then the IMAP tab make sure your special folders box is ticked and they are named correctly. If you are still having problems then make sure you are using the US language rather than UK which would cause you to see [Google Mail] instead of [Gmail] in your folder structure. If that’s the case just use [Google Mail] as the root folder path instead. If your special folders are named properly they will sync.

  28. Hi Chris, thank you so much for the info. I ended up starting again with the account set up having removed my orginal account from WLM – all working brilliantly now. I am loving WLM but having left the comfort of a long relationship with Outlook Express I was having trouble with the much more flexible Gmail/WLM set up. Thanks again Chris…you are our Knight in shining gmail !!

  29. Hey Chris, thanks a lot for your instructions, they have been very helpful. One question: Do you know a trick to make the Drafts folder work? The reason I ask is because when I open a draft from there and save changes to it, I get an error message and end up with a second copy that includes the changes. As far as I know, the only way around this would be to create another folder for drafts…

    • Chris Gilchrist says:

      What’s the exact error message you get? My drafts work fine so it’s not a gmail/WLM issue and must be specific to your setup. I’m guessing a problem with the special folders settings.

  30. Chris,
    Thanks for the guide , but I keep getting:
    “The Server has rejected your login. Please verify your user name and password are correct.”
    Any idea what can it be(assuming I type both user and password right…).
    Another Q: when IMAP is enabled , should the POP be enabled as well.
    By the way I’m logging in from Israel , does it make any difference?
    Thanks a lot in advance

    • Chris Gilchrist says:

      Hi Yoni, no that won’t make a difference and it does mean that either the username or password are incorrect. Check for case sensitivity and use your full email address for the username.

  31. I have the same problem as manav.
    when i set the root folder as [Gmail], the other folders dont appear in WLM.
    when i leave it blank i can see all the folders appear in WLM. and so far going through the comments i see no one has a solution to this.

    • Chris Gilchrist says:

      If you’re willing to give me remote access to your machine I’ll take a look. If you want to organise it email me and i’ll arrange it with you.

      • oops.. a correction in the previous comment:

        Thanks for the response. But i found a solution. i created a label in Gmail named “[Gmail]” (without the quotes) and all other labels nested under this one label(on the Gmail web UI). I have set the root folder as [Gmail] (on the client). Now all the labels appear in the correct order. Inbox and all other labels appear in the same level. oh and by the way, since this works, i have switched back to Thunderbird. I no longer see the labels as nested under a greyd out [gmail] folder.
        Just trying it out for few days on Thunderbird, lets see how it goes.
        I am thinking of moving some mails from my other pop account in thunderbird over to gmail since it syncs both ways :) . once that is done, i might give WLM another try.

        By the way, do you happen to know the folder where WLM places all the mails and folcer. I know exactly where thunderbird puts it or i can make thunderbird put it wherever i prefer. Is this possible with WLM?

        • Chris Gilchrist says:

          You can’t specify it. They are stored in C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail

  32. Probir Chakravertti says:

    Above e-mail address is a Gmail Apps one and working fine with WLM. Yesterday I changed the name of a folder in WLM. It did NOT change in WLM but was changed when I checked online. Now while in WLM, I cannot move mail to that folder. Keeps asking me to update folder list. Can someone tell me how to fix this?

    • Chris Gilchrist says:

      Right click on the email address on the left hand side of the screen in WLM and choose ‘Download all folders’

      • Probir Chakraverti says:

        Thanks. I had figured out another way (click Accounts/IMAP folders/Reset List) but your method is faster. Would like advise an another issue, well two issues.
        ONE – can I as it were un-IMAP this particular account and convert it to a POP a/c? All my other a/c’s on WLM are Gmail but POP and I find that much better.
        TWO – if I can’t, can I modify the a/c settings to ensure that WLM downloads only the Inbox? It takes too long for it to look at downloads on the other folders. I can move mail from the Inbox to a folder in WLM and it will, I assume, happen in the online Gmail as well.
        Shall appreciate any suggestions you can give.

        • Chris Gilchrist says:

          ONE – Yes you could by just changing the settings you use but that’s outside the scope of this post
          TWO – Go to settings > labels and uncheck all the folders you don’t want appearing in WLM

  33. I have a huge problem with the folders. Whenever i enter the sent, spam, trash and draft folders WLM just hangs on the “Downloading Folders from Gmail” dialog. It just downloads forever, but it won’t complete.

    I enter [Gmail] as the root and the appropriate folder (label) names for the other folders. Now if i uncheck the store option it only saves (cause gmail auto saves) the sent mails in the sent folder. But any drafts are not saved and any deleted items are permanently deleted from my inbox without being moved to the trash folder.

    And with any other folder names (which only creates labels but does no good whatsoever) it acts the same as the above example.

    But when i input the correct folder names it hags as described above. Please help.

    • I found out what the problem is. If you disable the folders from the labels and make them not visible in IMAP it hangs trying to access them via IMAP to no avail. So when it hit me I just enabled all the important folders in IMAP and then it worked like a charm.

  34. Hi, thought I’d give this a go:

    So my problem is, on GMAIL I have lots of filters which automatically label my emails when they come in. Usually they arrive in my inbox with a label already assigned, I read it, then I archive it.

    On Windows Live Mail, if I open the same email, it only seems to identify it as being in my inbox. If I go to the folder equivalent to the label, it is indeed there, but in my inbox I can’t see the label/folder I have automatically assigned to it. So I won’t know for sure whether it has already been given a label, and furthermore, I can’t archive it. There only seems to be a delete function. I suppose that might serve the same purpose, but my main problem is I can’t see the labels/folders it has already been assigned to in Inbox view.

    Any options???

  35. Hahaha, yeah I think that’ll have to do. Live Mail (the program) just looks SO much better!!! Sigh. Gmail is just hideous.

  36. I was having a lot of trouble getting my gmail folders to show up correctly in WLM. It would list all the folders, then a gmail drop down menu, and all the gmail folders below that. Problem was when i deleted spam or other emails, they wouldn’t move to the spam or deleted items folder. and if i manually deleted them, they’d show back up as soon as WLM synced my accounts gain. It was very frustrating.. I followed this guide and the folders are now displaying corectly and seem to be functioning properly now. Many thanks! :)

  37. PJ Matarese says:


    Thanks so much for the guide. It’s working well for my primary account in GMail. Since I have a other non-GMail accounts that I wish to keep synced on my desktop and laptop, I have set them up as POP accounts in GMail. The Inbox (for each) shows up in GMail and WLM. Here’s the rub… How do I configure WLM to SEND new email messages from the GMail subaccount? The subaccounts are not listed in the FROM pulldown.


  38. PJ Matarese says:

    Thanks for much for the information you’ve provided. Like most people, I have a number of email addresses (POP and IMAP) as well as devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, etc.) and would like to be synced on all devices. I’d like to GMail as the conduit for all of my accounts and WLM as the interface. I have GMail set up (per your instructions) and everything is working well. Here’s the rub… I’ve configured WLM with my GMail account and all of the folders are syncing just fine, but I cannot SEND mail from any of the POP accounts that are set up in GMail. WLM only sees the primary GMail account. Thoughts??

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