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Help James Agate Defeat His Large Foam Mask

James Agate SkyRocketSEO Avatar

James Agate of Skyrocket SEO needs your help!

James is a well known face name in SEO circles. In the last 12 months he’s written a whole bunch of posts on SEOmoz which have received over 100 likes each, like here, here, here and even here.

You probably recognise James’ face avatar on the right from the Moz blog or Twitter.

But would you recognise James if you spotted him at a conference? Here’s what happened when Patrick Hathaway tried to find him at Think Vis earlier in the year:

Patrick Hathaway Tweet

Could you sit next to him in a workshop and never realise who he was?

Does his avatar accurately reflect that he always wears the same t-shirt?

All this and more has been the focus of some SEOs like James Perrott on Twitter recently:

Patrick Hathaway Tweet

James Perrott Tweet

It even picked up more mainstream attention from the likes of @S_rvll of

S_rvll Tweet

James fobbed of the claims with a lighthearted but controversial remark:

James Agate Tweet

I decided to do some investigation and it turns out it is in fact pretty easy to spot him due to his use of a large foam avatar mask! See MozCon 2011 pic below:

James Agate at MozCon 2011

Image courtesy of

We managed to track James down and find out more about ‘the man behind the mask’.

I’ve wanted to ditch the cartoon for months now but it feels like he’s more famous than I am. Drinking at conferences would definitely be easier without the mask. But would the SEO community accept it?


  1. Just voted YES! ha!

  2. James Agate says:

    How did 13% of people respond that they don’t know who I am??

    I don’t know how to put this but I’m kind of a big deal, people know who I am, I have many leather bound books at my apartment.. [/anchormanreference]

  3. 25% have better things to do than complete this survey!?! I think we need to change the emphasis and out these churlish monkeys.

    Its a big YES from the Shellshock : )

    Lets unmask the online superhero…..

  4. Hmm…I never noticed he sits behind an avatar until you pointed out… come out ye, James…dont go all medieval virgin bride 😛

  5. I can’t wait to see the results (I voted yes BTW if any of you are easily influenced).

    We must unmask this invisible knight.

  6. Yes from me. Let’s see him!


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