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Automate Absolutely Everything – If Zapier Then IFTTT

Automation in business and marketing is one of the buzz topics of the last few years, with many companies seeking to scale processes whilst stripping out unnecessary costs. By integrating your processes with computerised systems, you can reduce the requirement for human input, which can decrease labour costs and increase productivity.

Thieves Of Time

Automation is not limited to large commerce operations, as small business also suffer from a heavy dependence upon human input, and Hit Reach is no different. Administration is one area that we’ve identified as a time-thief, robbing us of time that could otherwise be spent building websites and SEO campaigns for our clients. As time that can’t be charged, any time we spend on administration effectively erodes our margin.

To solve our admin woes, we turned to the synchronisation joys of Zapier and IFTTT:


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Get Your Apps Talking To Each Other

Both of these clever services work by integrating online applications so that they ‘talk to each other’, meaning they can pass data to each other and carry out ‘actions’, such as adding a contact to a Mailchimp list or sending a Tweet.

Our video above demonstrates the string of actions we have set up when someone signs up for one of our Website Reviews, automatically handling our invoice generation, payment, email marketing list management, project management setup, auto-responder emails and shared client folder setup. It finishes up by sending a tweet from the Hit Reach Twitter account, and popping the kettle on for a nice cuppa – allowing us all to sit back with our feet up get on with lots of other work.


  1. Cool! I would have shared your video if it was possible!

  2. What did you guys use to draw the flow?

  3. David Trees says:

    Thanks for a really nicely produced post/video, except, the music didn’t help me concentrate at all, I turned it off. :(

    I would loved to hear your voices instead to be really honest. No offense meant at all.

    What I could work out was, what did you use Zapier for and what did you use IFTTT for please. I am new to this and didn’t quite get it. I did watch it twice in places too.

    Finally, I always ask for an AFF Link, if a person introduces me to something new. Do you have one for Zapier?

    Thanks again for a great post and video.


    • Chris Gilchrist says:

      Hi David we used Zapier for everything except creating the Google Drive Folder/Doc and turning the kettle on using the Belkin WeMo as Zapier didn’t offer those.

  4. John Primeau says:

    Thank you for the video!

    I am starting a new business venture and was struggling to figure out how to automate some of the administrative work. I stumbled across IFTTT and Zapier this morning but didn’t really grasp how they worked until I saw your video.

    Bonus: I found a song I like that I had not heard previously.

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