The psychology and art of storytelling

Adverts and content – a lot of people are like: Or Because the advertisers, the adverts, the “content marketers” just don’t get it. We get the huge flux around the Superbowl and Christmas for example, some good, some bad, but the majority of the year adverts and content are created without persona development, identification or…

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How to get the most out of your AdWords campaigns

AdWords campaigns with poor ROI’s are usually as a result of poor set-up, poor management and optimisation. If your campaign is not bringing in the desired leads or is suffering from a poor ROI, then you can still bring about improvements by following some of these simple steps: Choose keywords wisely When it comes to…

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It’s The Penguin… PANIC!

If you missed it, Google announced it, the Penguin update is here and it’s real time lot’s of SEO’s and domain owners will be If you’ve been I mean Then you might think it’s Most probably as you thought, lets get a tonne of link juice all over our site It worked….right, and you were…

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How to Add DoubleClick Floodlight Conversion & Remarketing Tags to Shopify

If you run a Shopify ecommerce website and would like to add either a Google DoubleClick Floodlight Remarketing (Retargeting) Tag or a Google DoubleClick Floodlight Conversion Tag then the short and detailed guide below will walk you through how to set them up easily within your Shopify theme and admin area. If a digital marketing agency has asked…

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Smartphone Battery Tips – Content Marketing Case Study

National Media Coverage and 200k+ Visitors from Hit Reach Content Asset liGo are a large electronics ecommerce retailer based in Glasgow, Scotland. They have been established for more than 10 years, turnover more than £12 million, have more than 40 staff, a 6,000 sqft state of the art warehouse and have recently expanded into Europe. Despite the company being…

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How the ‘No’ Vote Saved Marketers a Lot of Work

The Scottish “No’” vote actually saved a lot of work for digital marketers (and Google). Not so long ago, the Scottish public voted “No” to the referendum of independence. Although anticipated, it didn’t turn out to be as close a call as originally predicted. With the result, businesses saved themselves quite some strain. But while the…

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