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Genesis – Comment Title

VERSION 1.0.0 Download This Plugin Genesis – Comment Title allows you to change the default title of ‘Speak Your Mind’ on the comments area on WordPress posts and pages built on the Genesis framework. This is done easily through a very simple dashboard widget which the plugin automatically creates for you. Please note this plugin requires […]

Web Design Tutorials: Introduction to CSS3 PIE

CSS3 PIE (Progressive Internet Explorer) is a new web toolkit created by Jason Johnston, It is an open source community project that allows anyone to contribute to it. The aim of PIE is to bring the new css3 features to Internet Explorer 6+ through the behavior property in CSS. This allows us to move forward in […]

Web Design Tutorials: CSS Animated Button

This web design tutorial will demonstrate how to create buttons that are animated when clicked using only HTML and CSS (this tutorial also uses CSS3 techniques) This Is My Button First create your link that will act as the button, here we are using a standard anchor tag with a class: class='myButton'>This Is My Button</a> […]

Web Design Tutorials: HTML and CSS Dropdown Menus

This web design tutorial will demonstrate how to create drop-down menus that work using only html and css. Step One – The Basic Template Set your top level menu up as an unordered list within your navigation container. Here we have used #navigation for the navigation container.

Simple Breaks

VERSION 2.1.0 Download This Plugin Simple Breaks adds in shortcodes for everyday html elements that get removed by visual mode such as [ br ] and [ hr ], as well as providing support for Clear left, clear right and clear both css attributes. Usage To use Simple Breaks, place the shortcode below into your […]


Version 1.2.1 Download Plugin View Stats Pure HTML is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add html markup, such as the code to embed Google maps, that is normally stripped out and removed by visual mode in the page/post editor. It also comes with the ability to save code snippets for use on multiple […]