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WP jQuery Text and Image Slider

VERSION 1.2 Download This Plugin Using This Plugin Adding a Gallery Adding a new gallery is easy, Go to the gallery overview page and select "Add New Gallery". Add the details of your gallery, and select the animation type, then click submit. Simple! Adding a New Slide It is simple to add a new slide, […]

How To Use Google Docs as a CMS

If you’re a web designer then you’ve probably at some point had a client who wants to be able to update just a section of their static website, such as their prices page, themselves. If the client doesn’t have the budget or requirement for a full CMS, but that prices page that will keep changing is a […]

The Ultimate WordPress Resources List

There’s a huge amount of content on the internet surrounding the world’s most popular CMS and sometimes it can be hard for beginners to know where to start and which WordPress resources are up to date, reliable and trustworthy. There are always new resources popping up so even the seasoned WordPress developers might discover a […]

UK Web Design Conferences in 2012

With so much new information available online to consume each day, especially in an industry such as web design, it’s easy to forget there are other great ways to keep up to date with what’s going on. Web design conferences are a great way of finding out about new & upcoming technology, being exposed to new web […]

November Presentation: Extended Uses of WordPress as a CMS

Hit Reach are proud to be speaking at the Dundee Web Standards November meet up. The event is being held at the Braes in Dundee from 7pm-11pm. Tickets are FREE but very limited so book your space right now to avoid missing out! Jamie is going to be talking all about WordPress which should hopefully interest developers, […]

Please Support Matt’s 3 Marathons In A Month!

One of our web designers, Matt Braddock is running 3 Marathons In 1 Month to raise money for a Motor Neurone Disease charity. He is running the Barcelona Marathon – 25 March 2012, Vienna Marathon – 15 April 2012 and Virgin London Marathon – 22 April 2012. Matt explains better than I could so here’s his reasoning:

Angus College Web Design Student Sponsorships

We recently set up annual scholarships and awards worth £1000 for web design students at Angus College. Last week Hayley and Lauren formally presented our cheque to the Chairman of the Angus College Charitable Trust, William Lawrie. The College have posted a news item on their website. Overview:

Heart Internet Website of the Month

We have been noimated for September’s Heart Internet Website of the Month award. There are 6 sites to vote for including ours and the winner receives promotion from the Heart Internet team in the form of, a listing on the previous winners page, interview on their blog and featured in their newsletter. You also get a badge […]

Automatically convert images from Index mode to RGB mode in Photoshop

If you work with a lot of different file types regularly in Photoshop, for example editing lots of company logos which are often sent in a wide variety of formats, it can be time consuming over a period of time to have to check and change a file type from Index mode to RGB mode so you can edit it properly.

Web Design Tutorials: Create a WordPress shortcode plugin

One of the more useful features of the WordPress post editor is the ability to use shortcodes. Introduced in WordPress 2.5, the shortcode API is a simple set of functinos for creating macro codes for use in post content which allow writers to drop content such as forms or galleries into their post/page without needing to know any of the working behind it. This following tutorial will show you how to set up your own shortcode for use in a post.